The project CrossEnergy focuses on the future design of the power network infrastructure with strong emphasis on the cross-border cooperation. The project joins three international partners from Czech-Bavaria border region in order to establish highly qualified research infrastructure, which covers research fields (Forecasting, Planning, and Operation) necessary for the development of planning tools for regional power network infrastructure.

Figure bellow graphically captures particular research fields in the context of power networks. Two current distribution power networks on the opposite border sides are colored by black.


Project modules/parts/partners - Forecasting, Planning Operation (link with picture above)

The main technical objective of the project is to create a decision support tool considering demographic changes, technological trends, and regulatory policies in border regions for future design of (cross) border energy infrastructure enabled by economically reasonable, technically safe and societally acceptable measures.

Project Outcomes


Description of the DSS tool aligned with local and regional planning tools


DSS tool will be used for the analysis of selected case studies as ... - Cross border power infrastructure development - Regional development